Four P’s This Easter Week

Whatever life circumstance you find yourself in you have a choice to make. God gives us these choices and we invariably choose one of them. Think of a situation you are in, now choose which of the following P’s you are going to characterise…

Prisoner – You are stuck. You are trapped. You have no hope. Abandoned and crushed. We can often feel this way, imprisoned by circumstance. If this is you look up 2 Corinthians 4.

Passenger – Whatever will be, will be. It’s not really a choice but an apathy. You don’t think you have a choice and there is nothing you can change. At this point please look up Moses in Exodus and see how he became a passenger but then God asked him to take part in his plan.

Protestor – Fight against the circumstance, never give up and never surrender. Grit your teeth and complain, moan, argue yourself out of the issue. Your enemy is the world itself! If this applies then consider Jonah, his protestations led him to a fishy story but also a suprising result.

Participant – You may not be sure what God has planned or why you are going through this trial; however, you also can know that God plans good for you. Through the pains and hardships or through the unforeseen God will be working with you and through you to help you grow in faith, hope and love.
If you want to read carefully about the greatest participtor in God’s plan then read John 11 to 21

This week don’t just be a prisoner, passenger or protestor – become a participant, that’s God’s desire for you.


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